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Staging is something that I pride myself on and feel it’s a valuable addition to the services I offer. Typically, staging a home has always been part of the homeowner’s responsibility, but due to the competitiveness of homes sales, that has changed. Because a home is personal, it is important to allow the home you are selling to be “available” for the buyer.  Through thoughtful staging, this is an obtainable goal.
I have worked with many different styles of homes and furniture and have been able to achieve a “fresh” palette for buyers to work with.  My experience has found that about 85% of buyers cannot see past the decorations in a home they are looking to purchase, that is why I provide this service of staging to all of my sellers free of charge. On a personal note, the homes that I have staged have priced out higher than the others on the market.

Benefits of staging your home

  • Financial Gain – homes that have been staged typically sell at a higher selling point.

  • Visual Appeal – I know what the buyers want to see when they walk into a home. Having a home staged by a professional can make it “pop” for the buyer, thus giving it a better chance of selling.

  • Quick Selling Times – it has been proven in my practice that the homes I stage sell quicker.

  • Eliminate Guesswork – when a homeowner is ready to sell they typically only think about having the house cleaned. Although that is important, it’s not enough. My goal is to help you make the best use of your efforts and ease you from any additional stress.

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